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What does CBD feel like: cannabis plant close-up

The growing popularity of hemp-derived CBD products also raises many questions and leaves people confused

What does CBD feel like?

Does CBD get you high?

Is it legal?

These and other questions may arise when the topic comes around CBD products. A common stereotype about cannabis products is when people put all cannabis plant species into one - Marijuana. By far, they are different.

While it is true that Marijuana is the most well-known cannabis specie (Cannabis Indica), it would be wrong to assume that Industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) has the same psychoactive effect on people.

Hemp-derived CBD products are gaining popularity among people quicker than ever. Hipsters, natural medicine fans, distressed people and even doctors are confirming CBD’s positive effects and benefits to our health.

Regardless of that, newcomers may still have their reservations about it: how does CBD make you feel, will you get high from it, is it legal to use?

This article will hopefully bring some light on these questions, introduce you to CBD’s potential and give you 6 tips on how to get the most benefit from.

Bryan Woods

Compounding Pharmacist

What is the best way to determine the needed CBD dosage?

Dosing factors are dependent on age, weight, gender, and CBD tolerance. Generally, it's 1 to 6 mg per 10 lbs of body weight. Pain dosing for the average female of 160 lbs is 45mg/day, while for the average male of 200 lbs it's 56mg/day. Anxiety dosing can be from 10 to 40 mg/day (but higher doses may be totally ineffective).

What does CBD feel like? Definitely not like Marijuana

If you would ask “what does CBD feel like in contrast to Marijuana?”, there is a nice analogy made about kombucha (fermented tea) and beer. They both are fermented drinks, meaning they have traces of alcohol in them (some more, some less), it'is just that kombucha doesn't contain enough to make you feel intoxicated.

What does CBD feel like: kombucha bottles on the table

Also, it has loads of probiotics which, consumed in the right amount, are beneficial to your guts and overall health. Therefore, it’s like beer, but healthier (and tastier, to be honest) and with no side effects. 

A similar answer would be to “what does CBD feel like?” - it’s like Marijuana (both come from the cannabis plant) but healthier and not intoxicating.

Analogies aside, there is much more to CBD than that, and in order to have a full picture, we need to understand the difference between CBD and THC (the main active ingredient of Marijuana).


If CBD doesn’t get you high, how does CBD make you feel? Well, to answer that we must look closely at what CBD really is.

Both CBD and THC belong to a chemical compound group called phytocannabinoids (‘phyto’ means 'plant'). There are more than a hundred different phytocannabinoids but these two are the most well-known. 

Different cannabis plant species have different levels of phytocannabinoids. Marijuana (Cannabis Indica), for example, has high levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. That’s why people get high from smoking Marijuana.

What does CBD feel like: closeup photo of Marijuana joint

Industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa), on the other hand, is the other way round - high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. That’s why when asked “what does CBD oil feel like?” we won’t answer “the same as Marijuana”.

Endocannabinoid system

The difference between these two compounds (THC and CBD) is clear when investigating the way they interact with our bodies.

When you ingest these phytocannabinoids they directly trigger our endocannabinoid system. What is this system you might ask? Well, in brief, its a system of interdependent neurotransmitters, receptors and enzymes that are located all over our body (but mainly in our central nervous system).

It is responsible for many things: regulating our physiological and mental processes, appetite, mood, pleasure-pain sensation, memory... and scientists are still researching it.

THC will bind to those receptors and stay there longer than other cannabinoids would do because enzymes cannot break them down so easily. This overstaying would develop the ‘high’ feeling we experience when smoking Marijuana.

Then what does CBD feel like when ingested? It is different because CBD does not directly bind with those receptors but modifies their ability to bind with other cannabinoids and prevents enzymes from breaking them down.

What does CBD feel like: two arms bind together

To put it in simpler terms, the endocannabinoid system is a complex and vast system that regulates many functions of our body. If it goes out of balance (which is quite common in today’s hectic world) because of a wrong diet, not enough exercise or too much stress, CBD can support its functioning and restore it into its natural harmony.

“Runner’s high”

If you wish to know what does CBD feel like, try to remember the great feeling you had after a good workout, run or swim. Usually, your system is being flooded with endorphins that lift your mood and produce the feeling of euphoria.

Recently, scientists have made experiments on mice and discovered[1] that endorphins are not the only ones responsible for these euphoric feelings. There's also endocannabinoid called anandamide (from a Sanskrit word ananda meaning “bliss”) that plays a crucial role in it. 

So if you’re still wondering what does CBD feel like, try going out for a nice jog and be aware of how you feel after it.

Many new CBD users say that they also experience a sharp sense of awareness, focussing becomes easier and their overall sense of well-being is increased. 

Not to forget that the majority of CBD oil users, when prompted with a question “ how does CBD oil make you feel?”, always mention the sense of relaxation, ease, and calmness. All these are the makings of our endocannabinoid system which gets a boost from CBD.

What does CBD feel like: woman relaxing on the sofa

However, it is necessary to say that CBD effects also strongly depend on consumer’s genetics, weight, diet, metabolism, medical condition and, of course, the dosage, strength, and quality of the CBD products used.

The market is full of CBD oil suppliers and it is understandably hard to navigate through all of them and not get lost. In order to save yourself some time, you can read through our already made in-depth reviews about the leading companies in this field.

For a broader understanding of what does CBD feel like, we have to talk about different products out there that vary in their composition, potency, and effect. 

CBD Isolate vs Broad-spectrum vs Full-spectrum

Broad-spectrum and Full-spectrum CBD products come in the form of oil, while CBD Isolate is usually a powder of pure CBD crystals.

What is the difference between them and what does CBD feel like in each?

CBD Isolate is a pure CBD extract that contains only cannabinoid CBD. Initially, Industrial hemp extract goes through a series of complex chemical processes until it’s finally being purified to 99% CBD crystals.

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What is CBD Isolate good for? 

Many would assume that a pure CBD extract would bring the most benefit CBD has to offer. However, it has been proven that phytocannabinoids work best together in what is called “entourage effect”. 

What does CBD feel like: macro photo of CBD Isolate crystals

Another common reason to choose CBD Isolate is because people are still having some reservations with THC. CBD Isolate is completely free of it. 

Scientists, though, have to admit[2] that Full-spectrum or Broad-spectrum CBD products are more effective in delivering desired health benefits than CBD Isolate.

Broad-spectrum and Full-spectrum

What is the difference between Broad-spectrum and Full-spectrum CBD products and what does CBD feel like when using them?

The main difference between them is that Full-spectrum has a whole range of different plant cannabinoids in it, including THC, while Broad-spectrum is all that except THC, and therefore used by those who do not wish any psychoactive particles stay in their body (moral or legal reasons behind it).

What does CBD feel like in them? Very similar to what we have discussed before - relaxing, soothing, focusing and relieving. Note, that the intensity of these feelings strongly depend on the individual condition, quality of the product and right dosage


Surely, there are many dependants too. If you only wish to improve overall health and feeling of well-being than it is usually recommended to start with 5-10mg per day. 

Note that your body adapts to CBD overtime, so in order to get the same results you need to gradually work up the dose once in a while.

What does CBD feel like: dripping CBD oil to glass bottle

If you consider using CBD oil to alleviate certain health issues, it is good to consult with the doctor first. You could also contact the provider for some dosage recommendations for achieving the desired results. It could go as high as 50-60 mg for a daily dose.

What does CBD oil make you feel when it has THC included in it? Will it get you high?

Don’t worry, even high dosages won’t make you ‘high’ because the amount of THC in Full-spectrum CBD oils don’t really reach more than 0,3%. (Remember the kombucha analogy?)

When does CBD help you feel better?

It is already known that CBD has a lot of positive health benefits and further research has yet to reach its width. 

Since you should already have a sense of what does CBD feel like, let’s see at the circumstances when CBD help you feel better:

  • When you struggle with anxiety and insomnia. Clinical tests have shown[3] that CBD oil positively influences sleep patterns and help those with anxiety and insomnia.

    CBD soothes our nerves and calms our minds for us to fall asleep easier and not be burdened by our thoughts. It does that by enhancing the effect endocannabinoids have on our system.

    What does CBD feel like: man is sound asleep

  • When you experience inflammation. CBD is proved[4] to have anti-inflammatory qualities that are helpful in reducing inflammation in the body, whether it is caused by an intense workout or a disease.

  • When you experience chronic pain. A number of reports suggest[5] that CBD has pain-relieving qualities. The efficacy of the relief mainly depends on the quality of the product and its dosage. 

There are thousands of user reviews that confirm CBD’s benefits to health and answer positively to the question “how does CBD oil make you feel?”. People have also reported promising effects of CBD in other areas, such as cardiovascular health, cancer treatment, mental disorders, even sexuality.

Tips to get the most from your CBD

Since the CBD market is crowded with different sellers and a huge variety of products, it could be hard to choose the right product for yourself. For this reason, we have embarked on the mission to gather as much knowledge on this field as there is and concise it to readable in-depth reviews of each brand for you

Now, in order to get the most from your CBD product, here are 6 tips to have in mind:

  1. Buy the right oil. It might seem obvious but there are quite many choices regarding the oil’s strength. It is important to choose the right strength because you might not feel the full effect of the weaker ones or experience some unpleasant side effects, like dizziness, sleepiness or diarrhea, if you start right away with the strong one.

  2. Be consistent. It is important to keep the intake of CBD daily to have the best results of it. Also, you should gradually increase the dosage every week, in order to strengthen the effect.

    What does CBD feel like: CBD tincture with cannabis leaf

  3. Spread your dosage. Instead of taking one 20mg dose in the evening, do so four times of 5 mg throughout the day.

  4. Consider vaping. If you experience sudden anxiety or panic attacks, vaping is the quickest way for CBD to take its effect. Be minded, though, that it is great for fast and short-lasting results while ingesting CBD oil would be long-lasting and steady.

  5. Always listen to your body. It is a good mindfulness practice to be aware of what does CBD oil feel like in your body. It’s good to keep a ‘feeling journal’ as well, to better understand the effects it has on you and whether or not should you decrease the dosage.

  6. Take CBD after food. Scientists have discovered that the absorption of CBD increases if taken right after meals. It could be due to increased blood flow after chewing. It helps better absorb CBD which is to be taken under the tongue (where the most capillaries are). 

Having those tips done right, soon you’ll be reaping the full potential CBD oil has to offer. So let us round up the things we have discussed in this article.


By now you should have a somewhat clearer picture of what does CBD feel like. Of course, it is always most true when you test it on yourself, for everyone is different and their response to it differs accordingly.

What does CBD feel like: all kinds of CBD displayed

When thinking about which product to choose, be aware of the cannabis laws in your state, consult with your doctor and do some research before the purchase. There's so much to choose from and it’s easy to get lost.

Remember that phytocannabinoids work best together. If you’re not afraid of those three big letters (THC), keep in mind Full-spectrum CBD oils.

If you have sudden anxiety or panic attacks, vaping might be a good choice for you. Although for a more steady and lasting result, CBD oil is the thing to choose.

It's amazing what plants can offer us!

Bryan Woods

Compounding Pharmacist

Contributed By Bryan Woods, Compounding Pharmacist

Bryan Woods brings over 35 years of experience to the Double Down CBD team, with the last 20 years specializ...

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Contributed by Bryan Woods, Compounding Pharmacist

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What does CBD feel like?

There is no clear answer for what it feels like because it strongly depends on an individual condition, quality of CBD product and dosage that you take. Most common reports by the users are feelings of relaxation, calmness, heightened ability to focus and increased sense of overall well-being. Before buying your first CBD oil, it is recommended to do some research about the brand, their products and be clear what results you wish to achieve.

Can you smoke hemp?

Generally speaking, the cannabis plant which you can smoke is Cannabis Indica (better known as Marijuana). Industrial hemp is not suitable for smoking because it has low levels of THC (the psychoactive ingredient) and therefore won't make you feel 'high'. However, there are CBD products made from Industrial hemp which you can 'vape'.

Is CBD good for me?

There's a lot of ongoing research in the field of CBD, but you can already find studies stating the different benefits of CBD oil. Thousands of CBD users report different pros of the product. We represent the voice of the majority of CBD users, who struggle with sleeping problems, anxiety, various diseases & so on. Reading through our CBD oil reviews, you'll understand the details about CBD products, but you should always consult your doctor for more in-depth advice.

Does CBD have side effects?

According to user reviews, different CBD oils may have certain side effects on some people. The most common ones include drowsiness, sleepiness, nausea. However, analyzing the extent of these side effects, it seems that it’s not common, and mostly depends on the usage of the oil (the amount, concentration, flavour) & brand. The benefits seem to overshadow any possible side effects that may occur.

How is AllbestCBDoil different from any other websites that write CBD oil reviews?

AllbestCBDoil is an investigative initiative. The team behind the project is working hard at finding & filtering thousands of user reviews. We deeply investigate products by creating expert documentations, all to provide readers with the most accurate information possible. We are independent & completely unbiased. Unlike some other review sites, AllbestCBDoil cares about your wellness & always aims to uncover the truth behind each CBD brand. We do not compete with other review websites - instead, we focus on the most truthful content.

What do the different concentrations of CBD oils mean?

Different concentration levels mentioned in various CBD oil reviews reference the fact of just how “strong” the oil actually is. Depending on the reason why you want to purchase CBD products, you’re going to need different amounts of cannabidiol in the oil itself.