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Our Duty is helping thousands not to get scammed by unverified, potentially harmful CBD brands. Our main goal is to take you behind the scenes of the CBD market & show you what the best CBD oil is really about.

With our teams’ extensive experience in the field, we are bringing you investigation results, unbiased reviews & honest advice. We want our readers to feel the benefits that top rated CBD oils offer, and not get disappointed by fake or even harmful CBD products.

You probably noticed that CBD oil is internet’s new craze. Everyone’s talking about it, and it has made its way into the mainstream with a bang. Thinking about CBDs' natural benefits - it's clear why it's so popular. Another side of the story - not all so called “top rated CBD oils” you usually see are legit & verified. Some of them are totally fake, diluted, with minimized concentration or even made with harmful substances.

So how should you know which is the best CBD oil? We’re here to guide you. Our team’s aim is to empower & inform you how to choose only natural and verified wellness improving options. All the content we publish is completely accessible for free & will stay free. We believe that knowing how to improve your wellbeing shouldn’t cost a thing.

The Issue

The main purpose of review sites is to genuinely inform the readers about certain topics or products, right? Well, at least that’s how it should be. Sadly, that’s far from the truth, especially in the CBD market. The first issue that we noticed is that a lot of CBD review sites are biased & are paid for praising certain products.

Readers tend not to notice the truth behind false claims, but we see the patterns & investigate on a deeper level. Since the lack of honest CBD oil reviews is obvious, we are proud to state that we are completely independent.

We don’t take payments for changing products’ scores or altering already written reviews. Everything you see in our content is based on our own investigations & user analysis data. We aim to be a reputable source of advice for people wanting to improve their wellbeing with CBD oil.

Best CBD Oils reviews author

Aaron aka Aaron “Small”

Expert Reviewer, Professional Chief Editor

Aaron is an expert when it comes to CBD. He spent a few years trying to find which CBD oil could help him with his sleep problems. He’s a professional journalist who knows that the readers want & deserve the naked truth. Aaron has tried a lot CBD products himself & wants to share his experience. Read more about Aaron & his experiences here.

Best CBD Oils reviews author

Laura M.

Senior Editor, Human Rights Activist

Laura is a professional journalist & researcher, she has a degree in New Media Journalism and has been working as a professional editor for almost all of her professional career. She is interested in nutrition & natural remedies, as she used it to deal with her own health problems. Laura wants to help readers discover the benefits of CBD.

Thomas C.


Thomas is a certified & experienced nutritionist, who has worked in the field of CBD for 7 years. He knows all about CBD oils, its’ nutrition qualities & what kind of substances should the best CBD oil possess. Thomas helps us with analyzing different CBD brands & with finalizing the results.

Marina H.

Data analyst

Marina is the master-mind behind analyzing all the data we collect. Daily, she sorts through hundreds of user reviews, filtering the good from the bad ones. Her role is very important in creating our in-depth CBD oil reviews. Marina has a sharp mind & the eye of an analyst - she provides the evidence behind our top lists.

Jao K.

Sleep therapist

Jao is the fairy god-father of sleep. He helps people improve their slumber & fight their sleep related problems, like insomnia, fatigue, stress and so on. Jao uses CBD for his treatment, as he’s a big advocate for the benefits of CBD oil. Since he knows how much CBD oil can improve persons’ wellbeing, Jao advises us on these topics.

You - the reader

Calmness achiever

Your opinion is the most important. Even though we’re experts & test the CBD products daily, the voice of the majority is what counts. Our opinions may seem subjective, but when it’s combined with thousands of peoples’ feedback - it becomes objective and accurate.