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How long does CBD last: a man holding big cannabis leaf

Have you just bought your first CBD product? 

Or maybe you are already a veteran of CBD?

What comes to your mind when you hear the question “how long does CBD last?” Are you concerned about your drug test results and wish to know how many days should you wait before doing one? Perhaps that’s irrelevant for you and you just wish to know how long do CBD effects last?

Well, it seems this question is a bit vague in its intention. In any case, we have prepared this guide for both: those who are concerned about how long does CBD last in the body, and those who wish to know how long do CBD effects last. 

Thanks to 2018 U.S. Farm Bill Act, industrial hemp and its products have become legal throughout the country. Nevertheless, since cannabis (the better-known name for hemp) had been banned from use for so long, there’s still a lot more to be studied and known about it. 

Recently, ‘CBD hypehas been gaining momentum but there are undoubtedly a bunch of concerns and unclarities that come along with it. Can you get ‘high’ from CBD? How long does CBD last? What are the health hazards?

That’s why our team is here to help you navigate and possibly save you some time and money if you happen to consider trying one out. 

So let’s get to the point and answer some questions.

Rory Batt

Nutritionist, BSc, MSc

What to look for when choosing CBD oil?

1) Choose full-spectrum, containing other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and raw ones like CBDa.

2) Choose products tested for heavy metals (these are very bad for health) - these can be taken up by hemp (it's a thirsty plant) grown in contaminated environments.

3) Choose products tested for mycotoxins - mold can grow on hemp, and can contaminate the CBD. Also very bad for health.

4) CBD oils with added terpenes have extra therapeutic value. For an extra kick, look for these brands.

How Long Does CBD Last?

First of all, how long does CBD last in the body? Assuming that you’ve been using CBD oil sublingually (holding beneath the tongue for a couple of minutes) in moderate doses (around 17-20 mg per 1 ml) for a few days or weeks, it should be discharged from your body within one week.

On the other hand, if the doses were high (24-27 mg per 1 ml) and you’ve been using it for months, it might take a few weeks to a month to get rid of the CBD from your system. 

How long does CBD last: four bottles of CBD

It also strongly depends on your metabolism and body weight. Since CBD is a fat-soluble compound, the more fat cells your body has, the longer CBD will stay in it. Of course, if you happen to exercise a lot and burn fat rapidly, CBD will disappear faster as well.

Drug Test

Are you concerned about how long does CBD last in the body because you want to pass the drug test? If yes, then we have good news for you: CBD is not considered a drug that would stop you from getting that job, or whatever the test would be for. 

You don’t need to worry about CBD being in your body when doing the drug test. What you do need to be aware of is whether the CBD product you use has THC compound in it or not.

What is THC? The psychoactive compound that gives you the ‘high’ feeling (when you smoke Marijuana, for example). 

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Different Kinds of CBD Products

You see, there are different kinds of CBD products: some are purely CBD isolates; some are Broad-spectrum, meaning the product has a wide variety of phytocannabinoids (active compounds from the cannabis) except the psychoactive THC; or Full-spectrum CBD oil - with all the good stuff, including THC.

Why would you use the product that has THC in it? Because, as famous cannabinoid scientist E.B. Russo proves[1]phytocannabinoids interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system best in synergy, which is called ‘entourage effect’. 

How long does CBD last: CBD oil, CBD capsules and marijuana

So if your state allows it and you’re not concerned about how long does CBD last in your body for a drug test, then we highly recommend trying out Full-spectrum oils from its leading producers CBDistillery and NuLeaf Naturals.

No worries, the sheer amount of THC in these oils is very low and therefore they do not make you feel disoriented or stoned.

In every case, when buying a new CBD product, be sure to know whether it has THC in it or not. CBD itself will not make you fail the drug test and therefore you won’t need to burden yourself how long does CBD last in the body.

How Long Do CBD Effects Last?

When asking how long do CBD effects last, there are many variables to the answer. Again, if you would use moderate doses of CBD oil sublingually, the effects should be felt for 4-6 hours (note that when taken in this way, CBD starts to work only after a few hours or so).

Also, to answer more accurately ‘how long does CBD last’ we have to take into consideration these variables: method of consumption, doses, frequency, potency, body weight and metabolism

Method of Consumption

There a few ways how to consume different CBD products. It depends on whether you want a quick but short effect to relieve pain or anxiety, or to have long-lasting effects and improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

  1. Vaping. If you want a quick but short effect, there are vapers with CBD oil in them. When inhaled, CBD goes through your lungs directly into the bloodstream. How long does CBD oil last like that? Since the amount of CBD is not high when taken in this way, you only get a short but swift relief. 

    It’s good for those who experience sudden panic, anxiety attacks or want to temporarily relieve the sensation of pain. Though we must warn that vaping is not the best nor healthiest way of absorbing CBD and reaping its long-term health benefits.

    How long does CBD last: two vapers with CBD oil

  2. Sublingual. The most popular and beneficial way of consuming CBD is taking its extract sublingually. Usually, you have bottles of CBD oil with a measurer in it. When you take CBD oil sublingually and hold it for a couple of minutes, thousands of capillaries beneath the tongue absorb the chemicals in high quantities directly into the bloodstream, thus allowing CBD to work long-term and effectively.

    How long does CBD oil last when taken sublingually? Well, first of all, it can take somewhere from 0,5 to 5 hours for CBD to start working and the effects are felt for about 4 to 6 hours.

  3. Topical. Scientists have proved that CBD has anti-inflammatory qualities[2], so there are many CBD-induced skin products that help treat various inflammatory skin disorders like dermatitis, or acne.

    The relief is reported to come swiftly. Although, for more solid treatment of the disorder, products have to be used regularly and long-term.

  4. Edibles. CBD-induced gummies or capsules of CBD oil are a popular product of high effectiveness. Since they are consumed orally, they have to go through the digestive system first, to take their effect.

    How long does CBD last if consumed as an edible product? Similar to the sublingual method of CBD use - it takes longer to start working but lasts for up to 6 hours.

    Though, when high doses of CBD goes through the digestive system, it gives quite a lot of pressure to your liver, thus potentially making some damage along the way, as researchers point out[3].

    How long does CBD last: CBD edibles: gummy, oil and capsules

So, as you can see, the way you consume CBD strongly influences how long do CBD effects last in your body. Further than that, you have to be aware of the doses, frequency of use and potency of the product.

Doses, Frequency, and Potency

A general rule for the newcomers is to “start slow” and then gradually increase your doses. Don’t worry, you won’t overdose on CBD, but it might bring you some unwanted side effects if taken too much in the beginning. 

Start around 17 mg per 1 ml twice a day and see how you feel. You might as well start writing your “feeling journal” to keep track of the differences. If nothing happens for a few days, try increasing the dose slightly and continue.

Frequency is the key to have long-lasting effects on your health. After a couple of weeks, the question ‘how long does CBD last’ should not be arising, for it will work on your wellbeing non-stop. In other words, you’ll most likely feel great without even noticing that. 

Be aware of the CBD product’s potency, though, because not every milliliter has the same amount of CBD in it. Also, for the reminder, Full-spectrum oils have THC compound in them, which won’t make you feel ‘high’ but it might make your drug test ‘sound the alarm’.

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Body Weight and Metabolism

As mentioned earlier, CBD is a fat-soluble chemical compound that stays in your body’s fat cells. Therefore, how long does CBD last in your body also depend on the amount of fat the body has and the speed of your metabolism. If you exercise regularly and drink loads of water, it could completely disappear relatively fast - within a week

How long does CBD last: lady drinking water

Keep in mind that the time it is eliminated from the body also depends on how long you’ve been using CBD before. If you’d been using it for quite some time, know that it might stay in your body up to a few weeks or a month.

So, take into account your body mass and metabolism speed when choosing the amount of CBD to consume. Otherwise, if your doses are too low, the question ‘how long do CBD effects last’ won’t even occur to you, for there won’t be any.

Of course, the safest thing to do before buying a CBD product is to consult with the doctor who is well-aware of this new health trend.


I hope by now you have some more clarity on how long does CBD last in your body and how long do CBD effects last when consumed in different ways.

To round up, when consumed in moderate doses, with average body weight and normal metabolism, CBD should leave your body within a week. If you’ve been using higher doses for a longer period of time, it will naturally take a longer time to be eliminated - up to a month.

You shouldn’t be concerned about CBD when making the drug test. Unless you’ve been using Full-spectrum CBD oil which has the psychoactive compound THC in it and might lead you to a positive result. 

How long does CBD last: hemp in a field

How long does CBD last in terms of its effects? Again, there are many variables, such as the way of consumption, dose and potency of the product, frequency of use and also your personal condition

Generally, if you ask ‘how long does CBD oil last’, the answer is 4-6 hours. Though this answer is easily changed, depending on the factors mentioned above. Vaping, on the other hand, would give you a quick but short relieving effect, regardless of those factors.

Finally, be very cautious, should you decide to buy yourself a bottle. The CBD hype is on the rise, and since it is not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), everyone can sell anything. For this reason, our team is dedicated to quality check the producers we work with and provide you with genuine, in-depth reviews of CBD product producers.

Read here about the leading companies of the best CBD oil in the market.

Rory Batt

Nutritionist, BSc, MSc

Contributed By Rory Batt, Nutritionist, BSc, MSc

Rory has a BSc in exercise and sports science and an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, where he studied cannabinoids as part of his MSc in nutritional science. He is a co-founder of Read Full Bio...

Scientific References

Contributed by Rory Batt, Nutritionist, BSc, MSc

1. Ethan B. Russo: 'The Case for the Entourage Effect and Conventional Breeding of Clinical Cannabis: No “Strain,” No Gain'

2. Attila Oláh, Balázs I. Tóth, István Borbíró et al.: 'Cannabidiol exerts sebostatic and antiinflammatory effects on human sebocytes'

3. Laura E. Ewing, Charles M. Skinner, Charles M. Quick et al.: 'Hepatotoxicity of a Cannabidiol-Rich Cannabis Extract in the Mouse Model'

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How long do CBD effects last?

It depends heavily on the way you consume CBD, how much of it you consume, and what is your personal condition. For example, if your weight is around 190Lbs with normal metabolism, when taken CBD oil sublingually in a moderate dose of about 17mg per 1 ml, the effect will appear after 0,5-5 hours and will last for around 4-6 hours. For a more stronger effect on your health, consider purchasing Full-spectrum CBD oil from leading companies such as NuLeaf Naturals, CBDistillery or Charlotte's Web.

How long does CBD last in body?

If you've only been using CBD for a couple of days or weeks, in moderate doses, CBD should be eliminated from the body within a week. On the other hand, if you've been using it for quite a while in higher doses, CBD lasts longer in your body and will only be fully eliminated after a few weeks or a month. You don't need to worry about CBD being in your system if you do a drug test. Unless you've been using Full-spectrum CBD oil, which has psychoactive THC compound in it and might influence your test results. If you need to avoid THC, we recommend using pure CBD Isolate. One of the leading CBD Isolate producers is CBDistillery.

Is CBD good for me?

There's a lot of ongoing research in the field of CBD, but you can already find studies stating the different benefits of CBD oil. Thousands of CBD users report different pros of the product. We represent the voice of the majority of CBD users, who struggle with sleeping problems, anxiety, various diseases & so on. Reading through our CBD oil reviews, you'll understand the details about CBD products, but you should always consult your doctor for more in-depth advice.

Does CBD have side effects?

According to user reviews, different CBD oils may have certain side effects on some people. The most common ones include drowsiness, sleepiness, nausea. However, analyzing the extent of these side effects, it seems that it’s not common, and mostly depends on the usage of the oil (the amount, concentration, flavour) & brand. The benefits seem to overshadow any possible side effects that may occur.

How is AllbestCBDoil different from any other websites that write CBD oil reviews?

AllbestCBDoil is an investigative initiative. The team behind the project is working hard at finding & filtering thousands of user reviews. We deeply investigate products by creating expert documentations, all to provide readers with the most accurate information possible. We are independent & completely unbiased. Unlike some other review sites, AllbestCBDoil cares about your wellness & always aims to uncover the truth behind each CBD brand. We do not compete with other review websites - instead, we focus on the most truthful content.

What do the different concentrations of CBD oils mean?

Different concentration levels mentioned in various CBD oil reviews reference the fact of just how “strong” the oil actually is. Depending on the reason why you want to purchase CBD products, you’re going to need different amounts of cannabidiol in the oil itself.