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Is CBD Legal in Utah?

A mountainous state, the name Utah comes from the Ute Native American tribe and it means “the people of the mountains”. If you’re wondering what’s the situation with CBD oil Utah, and whether or not you can grow hemp in this region, you’re in luck - in this article, you’ll learn is CBD oil legal in Utah, and all of the intricacies surrounding the topic.

Is CBD Legal Utah: Background
CBD Oil Utah: Utah state.

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CBD Oil Utah - Is it Legal?

Yes, CBD oil Utah is legal to be purchased and used for medicinal purposes. You cannot use CBD for recreational purposes, though.


CBD Oil Utah - Is it Legal to Buy Online?

Yes, you can buy CBD oil in Utah online. The laws allow you to buy hemp-derived CBD products.


CBD Oil Utah - Is it Legal to Buy Offline?

Yes, you can purchase CBD oil Utah offline, in a retail shop. You do, however, have to possess some form of documentation that shows that you can use CBD for medicinal purposes (marijuana card, doctor’s prescription, etc.).


Is it Legal to Grow Hemp in Utah?

Yes, as of 2018, you can grow industrial hemp in Utah. While the state isn’t the most popular option hemp growing location-wise, it’s still completely legal and in accordance with the law.

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History of CBD in Utah

Utah is one of the more conservative states in the US. In this regard, it’s pretty similar to Texas - well, at least as far as cannabis laws go.

You see, when it comes to CBD oil Utah, this state was actually one of the very first to ban any and all cannabis in the year 1915. Ever since then, though, things have become a bit more lenient - in 2014, a bill was signed that made CBD products legal for those who have specific medical conditions.

CBD oil Utah: Park City.

That said, you should also keep in mind that this only concerns products that have low concentrations of THC within them. These products are going to be derived from hemp instead of marijuana - it’s the same family of plants (Cannabis Sativa), but two different plants.

Utah - An Amber State

Before we get to answering can you buy CBD oil in Utah (rather, where can you actually do that), there are a few things we need to get out of the way first. One of them is the cannabis-specific color-coding that different states have. If you’re searching for CBD oil Utah, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Green states. Green states are those that allow you to use cannabis products freely, and where cannabis is legalized.
  • Amber states. Amber states are those that allow the use of CBD that’s derived from hemp, while also allowing to use cannabis for medicinal purposes.
  • Amber-Red states. These states are among the most complicated ones. They allow you to use CBD for medicinal purposes, but no other cannabis products are legal.
  • Red states. Within a red state, any form of cannabinoid use (whether hemp- or cannabis-derived) is illegal.

The color-coding specific can get a bit confusing, especially if you’ve never dealt with them before. That said, do keep in mind that Utah is an amber state - we’ll get to elaborating on this in a bit.

A Brief Note about Federal Law

While analyzing the questions is CBD oil legal in Utah and talking about CBD oil Utah, in general, there’s still another important factor that needs to be mentioned - the federal law.

According to it, hemp-derived CBD products are legal as long as they fall in-line with the 0,3% THC criterion, meaning that they don’t contain more than 0,3% tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD oil Utah: Salt Lake city.

While it may seem self-explanatory at first, there’s a catch - each of the individual states can have their own rules and legislations in place, and these would then override the federal law. The issue here, however, is that many states still associate cannabis-derived products with those that are derived from hemp.

This is also the reason why you’re going to find different answers to questions such as “can you buy CBD in Utah?” and “is CBD oil legal in Utah?”. Granted that Utah is an Amber state, though, this makes things a bit easier.

Medicinal VS Recreational

If you’re looking for CBD oil Utah, chances are that you’re well aware of the various different benefits that CBD may provide. Some use the products medicinally, with a prescription from a physician, while others do so recreationally (i.e. in order to reduce mild anxiety or stress symptoms).

That being said, not all forms of CBD use are legal. This applies to CBD oil Utah, too.

CBD oil Utah: Utah mountains.

In Utah, you can use CBD products for medicinal purposes. This is true since 2014, when some certain medical conditions were “given a green light” on the matter. Later, in 2016, the list of illnesses with which you could be allowed to use CBD was expanded even further.

Quite frankly, if you want to use CBD for recreational purposes, you unfortunately won’t be able to do that in Utah, and will require a certain specific form in order to purchase and use the products legally.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Utah?

Now that we’ve figured out the intricacies of CBD oil Utah, and have concluded that it’s legal to be purchased and used for medicinal purposes there, the next logical question would probably sound a little something like this:

Where to buy CBD oil in Utah?

It makes sense, though - say, you have your prescription in hand, and want to try out some CBD products. What’s the best plan of action here?

Well, you have two big choices - either purchase CBD from your local shop, or online. Truth be told, though, your best bet would be to look at the online providers.

This isn’t at all surprising, since it’s the same within any other state, not only Utah. You see, buying CBD oil Utah online, you’ll get better deals, will be able to guarantee yourself better quality products and will pay less money.

That being said, we’ll take a look at both online and offline options, starting with the latter.

Buying CBD Offline

Let’s take a look at the top three options for CBD oil Utah retail stores.

Koodegras CBD Oil - Friendly Staff, Multiple Products

Kodegras CBD Oil sells a rather wide range of different CBD products. Judging by the overwhelming number of positive customer reviews, CBD oil Utah enthusiasts really seem to love this store! The staff seems to be very informative, too - an all-around great place!

CBD Oil Store in Salt Lake City - Great Staff, Open on Sundays

If you often catch yourself running low on CBD supplies on Sunday, and live near (or in) Salt Lake city, then this shop might be perfect for you. It’s open up until the evening hours, and customers report the staff being very helpful and informative, too.

Smoke Spot CBD Store - Huge Stock, Discounts Available

Smoke Spot seems to be one of the most popular CBD oil Utah shops in the entire state. Customers write about friendly and helpful staff members, great prices, a huge stock of products to pick from and even some discounts, if you’re lucky. Definitely one of the better places to shop for CBD offline!

Buying CBD Online

By now, you know about some of the better places where to buy CBD oil in Utah. As I’ve noted earlier, however, you would be quite better off by buying all of your CBD products online.

Think about it yourself - since retail shops need to make a profit, they are usually going to charge you extra for the same products that you’d find much cheaper online. This way, you can not only receive the same CBD product, but do so while saving money, too.

On top of that, while some people wonder where to buy CBD oil in Utah, you could have some of the best CBD providers in the entire industry right in front of your eyes. Many retail shops out there don’t have many of the industry-leading names in their stock, or sell shady CBD products, in general.

To put it very simply, there are many more perks of buying CBD oil (and other products) online than doing so in a physical store. On that note, let’s check out some of the top providers out there, shall we?

CBDistillery - Independently-Tested CBD Products

CBDistillery offers customers a wide selection of different CBD products - topicals, balms, oils, and so on. All of these products have also been tested by third-party labs, so you can be sure that the quality is going to be of the highest regard.

If you need CBD oil Utah, and are willing to buy it from CBDistillery, it will cost you anywhere from $30 up to $260, depending on the potency of the oil.

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cbdMD - Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

There are three types of CBD products you might come across - isolates, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum ones. cbdMD offers its customers broad-spectrum CBD products. This means that they are going to have undetectable amounts of THC (which is really good), but are still going to provide an entourage effect with the different cannabinoid mixtures.

Naturally, all of the cbdMD’s products are made from US-grown hemp, and are all independently-tested.

cbdMD’s CBD oil might cost you anywhere from  $29,99 up to $339,99.

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Charlotte’s Web - Good Taste, Decent Pricing

Most CBD oils in the market aren’t all that well-known for tasting good. Usually, users would describe the taste as “earthy” - not quite ideal, especially if you have more sensitive taste buds. Charlotte’s Web, however, aims to solve this issue - the oils provided by this company do, apparently, taste pretty good!

On top of that, they are also priced quite well - in other words, the price VS quality ratio is good. All of the products are made in the US, from US-farmed hemp, and are all checked and tested by independent labs, too.

Charlotte’s Web pricing options for the CBD oil range from $74,99 up to $188,99.

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With time, there’s more and more research emerging about the potential benefits that CBD might have for many different people[1]. Naturally, however, if you live in a state which doesn’t support CBD and simply sweeps it under the rug together with cannabis, you’re not really going to be able to test and see the assumed benefits for yourself.

Luckily, however, CBD in Utah isn’t as illegal as in other states in the US. In fact, it is legal to buy and sell CBD oil here, and to grow industrial hemp, too. Usage-wise, you can only use CBD products if you have a specific illness and a doctor’s prescription.

In short, the answer to the question “can you buy CBD products in Utah?” is a “yes”. That said, while there are many different retail shops that sell CBD products in Utah, your best bet is to purchase the products that you’d like from an online CBD provider. There are many different benefits of doing so, if you go with the top brands in the industry.

Charlotte's Web
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Bluebird Botanicals
Charlotte's Web
Bluebird Botanicals comparison
Charlotte's Web comparison
Nuleaf Naturals
Nuleaf Naturals comparison
CBDistillery comparison

Scientific References

1. István Ujváry and Lumír Hanuš: 'Human Metabolites of Cannabidiol: A Review on Their Formation, Biological Activity, and Relevance in Therapy'


While every effort has been made to make sure this article is as accurate as possible, it is not intended to provide legal advice. Since legal situations might rapidly change, we advise you to discuss any legal concerns with an expert, lawyer or relevant legal advisor in your local jurisdiction, or visit your state's .gov page for the most up-to-date information.


Can you buy CBD oil in Utah for medical or recreational use?

CBD oil Utah can only be used by people who have specific existing medical conditions, and who received a doctor’s prescription. CBD products that would be used for other purposes - meaning, recreationally - are not permitted within Utah.

Is marijuana-derived CBD oil legal in Utah?

Yes, but only for medicinal use. Any other use of such products is illegal, and will get you into legal trouble. Also, do note that each of such products have a THC limit - definitely something to look into, too! It's better to turn towards hemp-derived CBD-producing industry leaders.

Will I get in trouble with the police if I use CBD products in the US?

You might. The drug tests used by the police might provide a false-positive result if you’re using full-spectrum CBD products, even though they’d fall in-line with the 0,3% THC law. That’s why you should always consider purchasing your products from only the best providers out there, and check if CBD is legal in the state that you’re in!

What is the overall legal situation of CBD within the US?

As time goes on, more and more states within the US are becoming more lenient and tolerant towards the use of hemp-derived CBD. While marijuana is still a “hot topic”, cannabidiol that has been extracted from hemp and does not breach the federal limit of 0,3% THC is becoming more and more accepted.

Is it worth purchasing CBD oil in a brick and mortar store?

No. While some states have a huge variety of different stores that sell CBD products, you should always resort to purchasing your CBD online, from well-known and respected product providers. This way, you’ll be able to rest assured that the products are up-to-standard and fall under the legal guidelines.

Can you grow hemp with the intent to extract CBD anywhere in the US?

No, not everywhere. There are certain, specific places (states) within the US where you can grow hemp with the intent to extract and sell (use) CBD. For example, Colorado is a very popular state as far as this topic is concerned.