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Is CBD Legal in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is one of the more liberal states when it comes to questions such as CBD and cannabis. It’s not exactly a state that proclaims absolute legality of the before-mentioned substances, but it sure is “up there”. If you want to learn about the intricacies concerning CBD oil in RI, then you’ve come to the right place - read on and find out!

Is CBD Legal Rhode Island: Background
CBD Oil Rhode Island: Rhode Island state.
Rhode Island

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CBD Oil in RI - Is it Legal?

Yes, CBD oil in RI is legal to be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. That said, this is only true with hemp-derived CBD products - cannabis-derived ones are only going to be legal to be used for medicinal purposes.


CBD Oil in RI - Is it Legal to Buy Online?

Yes, CBD oil in RI can be bought online, as long as the products that you’re after are derived from the hemp plant. Cannabis-derived CBD products can only be bought is some specific locations in the state.


CBD Oil in RI - Is it Legal to Buy Offline?

If you want to know is CBD oil legal in RI to be purchased offline, then yes - CBD oil in RI can be bought from your local store or CBD retail shop.


Is it Legal to Grow Hemp in Rhode Island?

Yes, it is legal to grow industrial hemp in the state of Rhode Island.

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History of CBD in Rhode Island

As I’ve mentioned in the introductory part of the article, if you’re someone who wants to know is CBD oil legal in RI, you’ll be happy to hear that the state in question has some pretty liberal outlooks towards the topics of CBD and cannabis. That said, before you go out and purchase CBD oil in RI, there are few things you should know, first.

Rhode Island is pretty good at differentiating between hemp- and cannabis-derived CBD products - that’s obvious from looking at the history of laws in the state concerning the two. Medical cannabis is legal in RI for quite some time now, and even recreational marijuana has been decriminalized - it’s still not legal, though!

CBD oil in RI: Providence during the day.

Before you decide about getting yourself some CBD oil in RI, you should definitely look into the differences between the two types of CBD products - those that come from hemp, and others that are derived from cannabis. Believe it or not, but there are some pretty significant differences!

That being the case, since most people focus on purchasing industrial hemp-derived CBD, you’ll be happy to know that such products are actually the subject of the most progressive laws in the state. In other words, when it comes to CBD oil Rhode Island, the state is considered to be an Amber one.

Rhode Island - An Amber State

Now, you might be wondering - what in the world do I mean by Rhode Island being an “Amber state”? Well, if you’re looking to purchase some CBD oil in RI, this is something that you should definitely keep in mind! You see, all states in the country have some color attributed to them - what these colors do is they help people distinguish the laws and regulations regarding CBD in those same states.

That said, it’s important to mention that the colors don’t really tell the whole story - at least not all the time. While they may be quite accurate in describing the legalities of getting yourself some CBD oil in RI, with other states, you might need to do some more digging. The colors in question are:

  • Green states. All types of CBD products are legal.
  • Amber states. Hemp-derived CBD is legal for all types of uses, cannabis-derived products are only legal for medicinal use.
  • Amber-Red states. Hemp-derived products are legal for medicinal use, cannabis-derived products are illegal.
  • Red states. All types of CBD products are strictly illegal.

Once again - when it comes to CBD oil in RI, the state is an Amber one. In all actuality, Rhode Island is actually a very typical Amber state!

What I mean by that is that you can use hemp-derived CBD Rhode Island products at your own, free will - they are completely legal. Cannabis-derived products, however, are still only legal for medicinal use.

That being the case, it’s worth noting that Rhode Island has, in fact, decriminalized marijuana - while it is still illegal to be used for recreational purposes, it’s no longer a criminal offense to have some on you. Even so, do resort to hemp-derived products instead!

A Brief Note about Federal Law

One more aspect that needs to be addressed when referencing CBD oil in RI is the federal law.

A few years ago, the Hemp Farming Act came into effect - what it did is that, basically, it took CBD out of the controlled substance lists, and made it much easier for farmers to grow industrial hemp, for brands to sell hemp-derived CBD products, and for customers to buy and use those products.

CBD oil in RI: Historic colourful houses.

The issue here is that many states chose to place restrictions on this law - either that, or opposed it completely, making CBD of any kind strictly illegal in their territory.

Now, once again - as far as CBD oil in RI is concerned, it’s not something you’d need to lose sleep over. Not only does this not affect the state in question, but the law might have actually done a lot of good, too!

Medicinal VS Recreational

The second-to-last thing that we need to discuss in this “CBD oil in RI” article, at least in order for you to get a full comprehension of the different laws and regulations regarding CBD in the state, is medicinal and recreational use.

Medicinal use refers to using CBD in order to help treat some specific health condition - epilepsy[1] is the most common condition for which you might be recommended some medical marijuana or hemp-derived CBD.

The way that this works is that you basically have to enroll in some medical cannabis program, get your documentation straight and you’re set! The actual conditions with which you might be able to use CBD for medicinal purposes are completely state-dependent.

CBD oil in RI: Providence at night.

Recreational use is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Using CBD recreationally means that you don’t need to get any doctor’s notes, prescriptions, marijuana ID cards or anything else - and you certainly don’t need to enroll in any medical marijuana programs!

If you’re still not sure what’s the deal with CBD oil Rhode Island, let me be clear - since hemp-derived CBD products are completely legal within the state, you can buy and use them for both of thse purposes. Cannabis-derived products, however, are only legal for medicinal use - frankly, you won’t be able to just stroll into a shop and get yourself some cannabis-derived CBD without some documentation.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Rhode Island?

Now, finally, let’s discuss the places where you could actually get yourself some CBD oil in RI.

As with any other state in which CBD is at least partially legal, you have two big options - buying the CBD products from a local shop, or from an online CBD provider.

Naturally, you’d want to go with the latter. I’ll get to why that’s the case shortly - before that, though, let’s talk about some of the better options for buying your CBD from a local retailer in Rhode Island.

Buying CBD Offline

Here are three options of where you can buy yourself some CBD oil in RI. 

Thomas C. Slatter Compassion Center - Huge Selection

The word “center” kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? Well, in any case, if you’re looking for some CBD product variety, this place is definitely one that you should start from. It has a huge selection of CBD products, some great staff and reasonable prices!

The CBD Store RI - Great Staff

The CBD Store RI has multiple different CBD products for you to pick from, and the staff that works there are reportedly super-nice and informative, too. 

Ocean State Nutrition - Decent Price Tags

Judging by multiple customer reviews left online, it would seem that Ocean State Nutrition has some pretty good price points for their CBD products. The staff of the shop is very helpful, too!

Buying CBD Online

While going out and buying your CBD oil in RI from a store is great when you want to save time, it’s not something that’s advisable to do if you plan to use CBD long-term.

Thing is, if you buy your CBD products from an online provider, almost all of the important aspects are going to be better - high-end product quality, great prices, multiple different promotional offers, a wide variety of brands and a huge selection of products, and so on.

No matter how you look at it, buying your CBD products online is the smarter thing to do. With that, let me tell you about some of the top online CBD provider options out there.

Charlotte’s Web - Potent CBD Products

Charlotte’s Web is one of those companies that you turn to when you need really potent, high-quality CBD oils. If you’re looking for CBD oil RI, and want to get yourself some tasty, affordable and potent CBD oil, then Charlotte’s Web should be at the top of your list.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil prices go from $74,99 up to $188,99.

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CBDistillery - Well-Known Brand

CBDistillery is probably one of the most well-known names in the CBD industry. Whether you’ve seen it online, heard it from a friend or came across their products in a local store, it’s definitely a company that’s built a name for itself as being a top-tier CBD provider. If you want potent, quality CBD, CBDistillery’s the way to go!

CBDistillery CBD oil cost from $30 up to $260.

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cbdMD - THC-Free

cbdMD is a THC-free brand. Well, mostly - the company offers broad-spectrum CBD products to its customers, which means that while the oils are going to have some different cannabinoids in them, the levels of THC are going to be “undetectable”. Definitely one of the more interesting CBD brands to try out! 

The costs for the cbdMD oil ranges from $29,99 up to $339,99.

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To sum up the entirety of this article, CBD oil in RI is completely legal to be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, as long as it comes from the hemp plant. If the products are derived from cannabis, then you’ll have to enroll in the state’s medical marijuana program, since such CBD products are only legal to be used for medicinal purposes.

Buying CBD oil in RI in pretty simple - you either visit a shop, or do so online. Note that the online route is always the preffer option!

Charlotte's Web
Purekana comparison
Charlotte's Web comparison
Bluebird Botanicals
Charlotte's Web
Bluebird Botanicals comparison
Charlotte's Web comparison
Nuleaf Naturals
Nuleaf Naturals comparison
CBDistillery comparison

Scientific References

1. Kerstin A. Klotz, Andreas Schulze-Bonhage, Victoria San Antonio-Arce, and Julia Jacobs: 'Cannabidiol for Treatment of Childhood Epilepsy–A Cross-Sectional Survey'


While every effort has been made to make sure this article is as accurate as possible, it is not intended to provide legal advice. Since legal situations might rapidly change, we advise you to discuss any legal concerns with an expert, lawyer or relevant legal advisor in your local jurisdiction, or visit your state's .gov page for the most up-to-date information.


Is CBD oil legal in RI for medical or recreational use?

CBD oil in RI is legal to be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, but it has to be derived from the industrial hemp plant. Since the absolute majority of the top-tier CBD brands online sell hemp-derived products, however, this is not something you’d need to worry about.

Is cannabis-derived CBD oil legal in Rhode Island?

Yes, cannabis-derived CBD oil Rhode Island is legal within the state. That being said, you can only purchase and use cannabis-derived products if you have a certain specific health condition, and are enrolled in the RI medical marijuana program. That’s why it’s better to try out some hemp-derived products, instead - perhaps they’ll work for you, too?

Will I get in trouble with the police if I use CBD products in the US?

You might. The drug tests used by the police might provide a false-positive result if you’re using full-spectrum CBD products, even though they’d fall in-line with the 0,3% THC law. That’s why you should always consider purchasing your products from only the best providers out there, and check if CBD is legal in the state that you’re in!

What is the overall legal situation of CBD within the US?

As time goes on, more and more states within the US are becoming more lenient and tolerant towards the use of hemp-derived CBD. While marijuana is still a “hot topic”, cannabidiol that has been extracted from hemp and does not breach the federal limit of 0,3% THC is becoming more and more accepted.

Is it worth purchasing CBD oil in a brick and mortar store?

No. While some states have a huge variety of different stores that sell CBD products, you should always resort to purchasing your CBD online, from well-known and respected product providers. This way, you’ll be able to rest assured that the products are up-to-standard and fall under the legal guidelines.

Can you grow hemp with the intent to extract CBD anywhere in the US?

No, not everywhere. There are certain, specific places (states) within the US where you can grow hemp with the intent to extract and sell (use) CBD. For example, Colorado is a very popular state as far as this topic is concerned.