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Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil - CBD Oil Comparison Overview

After the thorough Koi CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil oil comparison analysis, we have divided the results into 8 different groups of main components. Talking about the main factor - overall score - it’s clear that the highest score goes to Koi CBD with 7.70 rating. Second place regarding the overall score goes to Plus CBD Oil, which earned 7.20 points.

Discussing the customer satisfaction rating, which is gathered from real user reviews, it’s clear that Koi CBD has the highest evaluation of 3.6 stars out of five. Second best in customer satisfaction is Plus CBD Oil with 3.6 star rating. You can also see that we compared these CBD oils with the leading brand - Hempura. In the overall score category, Hempura gathered a 9.20 score. In the customer satisfaction section, this best-rated brand was evaluated with 4.2 stars. More detailed technical analysis is disclosed below.

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Plus CBD Oil
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Overall Score


Best For

Wellness of body Anxiety & insomnia Fighting insomnia

Value For Money

4.4 of 5.0

3.6 of 5.0

3.6 of 5.0


One of the leading CBD product providers in the UK. A high-end US CBD provider that deals in broad-spectrum CBD products. Proven to give real results.
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Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil Oil Detailed Comparison

Take a look at the most comprehensive Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil oil comparison chart. All the presented data is filtered from false marketing claims & gimmicks. Here, you can compare genuine & expert-checked information, which will help you make the most rational decision.

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Plus CBD Oil


  • Broad- and full-spectrum CBD products
  • Independently-tested
  • Decent pricing options
  • Organic, GMO-free products
  • Broad-spectrum CBD tinctures
  • THC-free
  • Independent lab tests
  • A wide variety of product options
  • Independent lab tested
  • All products non-GMO, gluten-free
  • Wide range of products
  • Chemical-free extraction process


  • Comparatively small variety of products
  • May not be legal in some countries in the EU
  • Products might not be potent enough for some users
  • Unknown growth location

Customer Satisfaction

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CBD mg per 1ml

25 mg 50 mg 100 mg 8.3 mg 16.7 mg 25 mg 50 mg 33.3 mg 66.7 mg 4mg 11mg 13mg
Pricing (without discounts)

Price for a bottle (30ml) of specific CBD oil potency (CBD mg/1ml)

59.85 (25 mg/ml)
110.99 (50 mg/ml)
194.94 (100 mg/ml)
$29.99 (8.3 mg/ml)
$49.99 (16.7 mg/ml)
$49.99 (25 mg/ml)
$79.99 (33.3 mg/ml)
89.98 (50 mg/ml)
$139.99 (66.7 mg/ml)
$22,95 (11mg/ml)
$39,95 (4mg/ml)
$41,95 (13mg/ml)
Shipping & Trial

Free Shipping

International Shipping

Satisfaction Guarantee

14 days 30 days 14 days
Main Features

All Products

Vape Liquid
CBD Oil Tincture % Shots
CBD Gummies & Softgels
CBD Inhalers
CBD Balm & Pain Relief Gel
CBD Bath & Body
CBD for Pets


CBD hemp extract
Sativa hemp seed oil
Hemp Extract
Olive oil
monk fruit
quillaja saponaria
ascorbyl palmitate
alpha tocopherol


Unflavored Peppermint Strawberry Natural Lemon-Lime Orange Spearmint Natural Peppermint Goji blueberry

3rd Party Lab Tests

Made In

Made in USA USA Made in USA USA Not Disclosed

Hemp Location

EU USA Not disclosed

Extraction Method

CO2 Whole Plant Extraction CO2



Customer Support

Company's Info


Covent Garden, London Southern California, Norwalk California, USA

Year of Origin

2017 2015 2014

Expert Comment

Expert comment

Hempura offers customers broad- and full-spectrum CBD oil options. The products are GMO-free and organic, and made from EU-grown industrial hemp. They are also potent, and... read more Aaron S. - Expert Reviewer

Expert comment

Koi CBD is a CBD provider from the US. The brand offers its customers some broad-spectrum CBD oils, all of which are going to be independently-tested by third-party labs... read more Aaron S. - Expert Reviewer

Expert comment

Plus CBD Oil provides customers with a variety of products that even the pickiest people can choose from. Each of their CBD products is non-GMO, gluten-free, third-lab... read more Laura M. - Senior Editor

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Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil Technical Analysis

The in-depth Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil technical analysis chart reveals that Plus CBD Oil has the best Value for Money rate. It’s quite clear that Plus CBD Oil offers fair & thought-out pricing to its customers, which resonates with the quality pretty good. Talking about Trials & Shipping, the best terms are offered by Koi CBD, with Plus CBD Oil not far behind. The analysis of overall main features revealed that Koi CBD is listening to its customers & can be really trusted in this rapidly-changing field of CBD.

By performing Additional Features analysis, we can see that Koi CBD takes the first place in this category with a star rating of 3.9. The second one is Plus CBD Oil CBD oil, which managed to score 3.6 stars. After analysing all the factors, it’s clear that the winner of this Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil comparison round is Koi CBD!

Among the CBD oil brands that you chose to compare in this Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil comparison, Koi CBD is the best CBD oil, but according to our analysis, Hempura surpasses all of the other CBD oils! By performing CBD oil comparison among dozens of different CBD oil brands, we’ve found that Hempura has the highest evaluation score & is more suitable for you. It seems like Hempura is unbeatable among other competitors!

Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil Comparison 2020

Comparison Summary

Even though the winner of the Koi CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil oil detailed comparison is Koi CBD, which surpasses Plus CBD Oil, there’s a CBD oil that has even better quality ratings. Hempura ranks higher than any other CBD oil & has made its name as a trustworthy brand.

CBDistillery offers a wide range of products to pick from - whether you're a smoker, have a sweet tooth or want to take cannabidiol in its traditional form (oil), you'll find all of the alternatives on the company's website.

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Best User Reviews of Compared CBD Oils

3.8/5.0 - Plus CBD Oil User

Waiting for results

I feel a little effect for now, but I still need to wait more for a stable results...

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How do we compare Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil?

We search  Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil

1. We search

The first step in this Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil comparison is searching for liable information. Since we know which factors matter the most, a team of experts scan multiple respectable sources & countless user opinions for important data, filtering out the false info.

We examine  Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil

2. We examine

The data that was collected for the Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil comparison is then filtered, verified & unified. To save your time & effort, the information presented in the charts is easy to understand, yet thorough & comprehensive.

We compare  Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil

3. We compare

It’s way easier to choose the best CBD oil when it’s put head-to-head with other similar products. That’s why, for this Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil comparison, the data is aggregated into different categories & visualised as a simple, yet extensive, chart.

You choose  Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil

4. You choose

Since we have expert reviewers, the winner of this Koi CBD CBD oil vs Plus CBD Oil CBD oil comparison is precisely calculated with the help of technical analysis. Even though the winner is announced, it’s still up to you on which CBD oil to choose!


Which factors are the most important in this Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil comparison?

There are many components that should be considered before choosing the right CBD oil. The most important are usually price, potency & concentration, trials & shipping, flavours, product variety, independent testing & where the oil is made. You should also pay attention to customer & third party expert reviews. But be sure that you’re reading independent opinions, because there’s a lot of fake & biased feedback floating around. It’s easiest to analyze factors when they’re put head-to-head with others, like in the Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil comparison chart.

Why should I trust the data that is presented in this Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil comparison?

First of all, the data that is disclosed on the Koi CBD vs Plus CBD Oil comparison chart is validated & verified by our expert reviewers. All the information is gathered from reputable internet sources, verified user reviews, brand’s specifications & independent expert reviews. is an independent CBD oil review project that never listens to biased opinions.

How should I know which CBD oil is the best for me?

First of all, you have to know what kind of effect are you trying to achieve: pain relief, help with sleeping, anxiety, or maybe you need CBD oil for you pet? Another important thing is your budget, because CBD oil prices may vary depending on the potency & strength, as well as ingredients used. Also, you have to know if you like more natural tastes, like grass or simply plain, or maybe you prefer artificial tastes, like strawberry or lime? It’s also important to compare CBD oil brands before buying, & the best way to do that is using a CBD Oil Comparison Wiki.

How is the CBD oil comparison tool used?

It’s simple - you have three input fields at the top of the page. Enter the CBD oil brands that you want to measure & click “Compare Now”. You’ll see an in-depth chart, revealing all the most important factors and their evaluations for each brand. Simply browse the chart & compare the factors that interest you - you will clearly see which CBD oil brand has higher rankings than others. Don’t forget the CBD oil price comparison - it’s an important part of choosing the right oil. To make things easier for you, we have also calculated the winner - you will see it in the CBD oil comparison chart.

Which features require the most attention in the CBD oil comparison chart?

You should always pay attention to the ingredients used in the CBD oil. It’s an important factor, as the oils are used orally. Also, don’t forget CBD price comparison - some products might be overpriced just because of its advertising strategies, but not the actual quality. Good CBD oil has to be tested by 3rd party labs & not by some internal or bought testers. In the CBD oil comparison chart, you will also see such factors like flavours, variety & customer satisfaction score - all these should also be taken into account.

What kind of benefits does CBD oil have?

Even though there’s still a lot of ongoing examinations of CBD related products, many benefits already seem to be clear. CBD oil can relieve pain & some diseases, improve the quality of sleep & fight insomnia, as well as help with relieving anxiety. It also helps with the health of pets. Still, not all CBD brands are trustworthy, it’s important to read expert reviews & compare CBD oils before buying.